Welcome to the Point Prim Lighthouse Blog

We thought it would be fun to start a blog to show a little about summer life at the lighthouse.

Each year 3 teens train as tour guides for the Point Prim Lighthouse. Well these girls did not have to train too hard! They are naturally good spirited, open and welcoming!

The Summer Crew

Michaela Gillis, Hailey McKenna and Katelyn O’Shea

Meet our summer crew, Michaela Gillis, Hailey McKenna and Katelyn O’Shea. Three lifelong friends working together at Point Prim Light, to welcome visitors from near and far.




Kate O'shea

Katelyn O’shea


“Hi, I’m Katelyn O’shea and I live in Iona, PEI. I love working at the lighthouse and meeting new people. For fun I play sports and hang out with my friends. I’ve lived here all my life and attend Montague High. This year we were lucky and have a new, state of the art, high school. While working at the lighthouse I’ve met people from all over the world and learned about their lives.”




Hailey McKenna

Hailey McKenna

“Hiya, I’m Hailey McKenna. I live in Belfast. PEI. This summer I am working at the Point Prim Lighthouse and in September I will be heading back to MRHS to our brand new high school. If you can’t find me at work, you can always find me with friends, at bonfires or in the “loft.” I enjoy dancing, shopping and long walks on the beach. My friends would describe me as fun to be around, thoughtful and responsible. I can make the best out of every situation. Working at the lighthouse is fun because I get to meet people from all over and I hope that you will enjoy learning about them as well, from our photos in this blog, Caio.”


Michaela Gillis

Michaela Gillis

“Hi, I’m Michaela Gillis and I started working at the Point Prim Lighthouse in early July of 2010. I really enjoy working here. It’s amazing all the things a person can learn about. I’ve learned that my great, great, GREAT grandfather, Michael McLeod, was a lightkeeper here! But enough about my job and let’s get on to what my life is like outside the lighthouse. I’m a 16 year old girl and I live in Point Prim. I attend 11th grade at Montague Regional High School and I’m ecstatic to go to the new school this year. They have a new program this year on culinary skills (which is a big interest in my life) as well as animals. I haven’t quite decided what I want to do in the future yet, but hopefully it will be along the lines of cooking or dealing with animals. On my free time you can always see me playing soccer and hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. Enjoy the rest of the blog site and meeting some of the wonderful people I was honored to meet this summer. Au revoir.”

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9 Responses to Welcome to the Point Prim Lighthouse Blog

  1. Lori Murchison says:

    Our girls and I love the Point Prim Lighthouse. I fell in love with Point Prim in 2007 on a visit then magically met someone a year later , a resident of Point Prim and fell in love with him. We all live in Point Prim in the most beautiful spot overlooking Cameron’s Island with an overabundance of starfish and under the watchful eyes of seals as you swim. Everyday I look out at the water and are still amazed at the beauty of it all. Point Prim is the most beautiful spot on the island even if it can be windy! And the residents of PointPrim couldn’t be more welcoming! A visit to Point Prim is a must!

  2. Our guests at Corkinview Beach House are thrilled that you are still open. They will be visiting you today,catching you on the last day for the season! We want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for the fantastic job you did this summer of promoting and sharing our wonderful lighthouse with all visitors!!

  3. Myfanwy Brember says:

    We stayed on PEI in August, 26 years ago, at Rachel’s Motel & Cabins. My husband was visiting with the Royal Navy and I flew out from the UK to join him. We had a wonderful holiday and remember Point Prim with great fondness watching the sun go down and the maybugs? flying in the fading light. It was so beautiful. We hoped that one day we would return to enjoy it once more. A visit to Point Prim is definitely a must if you visit PEI. Good luck with your project!

  4. Dawn Gallant says:

    Hi there:
    My husband and I had our wedding photos taken at the light house back in Sept/10. Thanks for posting a few on your site! I was very pleased o see them and the write up was lovely.
    Thank you,
    Dawn and Benjamin Gallant

    • admin says:

      Hi Dawn and Benjamin, It was a delight to have you there. Although it was raining you were both so happy and beautiful. Dawn, you were a beautiful bride! You made my day !!

  5. Angela Mcmahon says:

    Michael mcleod was my great great great grand father and Jessie Mcleod nee McRae. I wish i could be there, I would love to go back in time, would have so much to ask so many questions. Thank you for this page and information! xxxx

  6. Louise Sinclair says:

    Great website.
    I live in New Zealand and my great great grandfather was Michael Mcleod the keeper appointed in 1873. If there are any photos available of this era, would love to see them.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Ron McConnell says:

    Although I had been to our Maritime provinces numerous times during my life, my wife Lynne, born and raised in British Columbia, had never been this far East. Last October we came to PEI on a vacation for Thanksgiving. The first morning we were here, we left Charlottetown and headed East. Remembering her comment about never being to a lighthouse, I turned off the highway and ended up at Point Prim. It was a beautiful Fall morning, about 13 degrees celsius and bright sunshine. We stepped out of the car and after a few seconds I turned to see Lynne with tears in her eyes. I asked what was wrong and she said softly, “I belong here.” Two months later, on Christmas Eve day, we arrived in Summerside to start the next chapter of our lives. Thanks Point Prim!!!

    • Lighthouse Admin says:

      Wow, thanks for sharing your story, Ron. All the best to you both in this new PEI chapter of your lives! 🙂

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