Our Visitors of 2014


Names: Justin Gulati and Kati Ross from Charlottetown were married in Belfast, at St John’s Presbyterian Church, July 12, 2014

“We chose Point Prim Lighthouse for our photos because of its beautiful location overlooking the ocean. It was a wonderful day that we will remember forever.

The Point Prim Lighthouse staff were very courteous and interested in our day. They made us feel at home and very welcomed. We highly recommend a visit!”


Names: Paige and Heather Cipperly

From: Colorado, USA (condo in Charlottetown)

“This was the second lighthouse we toured and by far the best because it was so tall. We heard about the mysterious Phantom Ship that is set on fire with people abandoning ship. We hope to see it before we head back to the States!”



Date: August 2nd, 2014

Names: Ross and Teri Hartman

“Hot at the top, especially since we are on honeymoon!”

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