Keeper of the Light Plaque

This year, we are pleased to present Doreen Huestis with the Keeper of the Light Plaque. This award acknowledges the outstanding work and energy that Doreen continually gives to the Lighthouse. She is the first recipient of this award.

Vic Douse is the originator of this lovely award to thank those who really have gone above and beyond to protect and enhance our Lighthouse.

Congratulations, Doreen!

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Lighting the Past

Connections_Poster - 8.5x11.compressed copy

Lighting the Past
Judy Leslie, Coquitlam, BC
Grand Prize Winner of the Grand National Quilt Show

The Point Prim Lighthouse represents my paternal family connections. In 1803 my forebears sailed with a group of Lord Selkirk’s Scottish Settlers to homestead on the Point Prim peninsula, Prince Edward Island.
Later on, my great-grandfather, John Gillis, was keeper of the Point Prim Lighthouse from 1897 until 1909. One hundred years after his death, my sister and I climbed worn steps up to the lantern room for the first time. As we viewed the surrounding area, we reflected on how our predecessors had so courageously journeyed to and settled on the red clay soils of this ‘bonny’ island

Judy Leslie spent several hundred hours creating this beautiful quilt that depicts the beloved Point Prim Lighthouse. And a heartfelt “thank you” to Judy for donating her prize winnings to the lighthouse society, as well!

For those of you interested, here is the link to the Grand National Quilt Show:

The Grand National Quilt Show

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Lighthouse… Transformed!

Come visit Point Prim Lighthouse and admire her newly-painted exterior! She looks amazing!





A big thank you to Mallard Painting who did such a fantastic job! Apparently, it took one coat of primer and two coats of paint… and no doubt, a LOT of hard work!

How it's done! Thanks to Mallard Painting!

How it’s done! Thanks to Mallard Painting!

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Point Prim Lighthouse placed on National Heritage List

Point Prim Lighthouse (courtesy of Tourism PEI)

Point Prim Lighthouse (courtesy of Tourism PEI)

Great news for the Point Prim Lighthouse. The lighthouse is one of seven lighthouses on PEI to be placed on the National Heritage List. Heritage status offers new funding opportunities to improve the lighthouse.

Read the full article here on CBC.

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Cruise Ship Season!

Cruise ships start arriving in Charlottetown in May, and continue through to November. Many of those passengers take side trips to the Point Prim lighthouse, arriving in large coaches. The weather can be a bit chilly, especially in those early weeks, but it doesn’t seem to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm!


Point Prim Lighthouse 033 Point Prim Lighthouse 032Point Prim Lighthouse 010

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Range & Buoy Light Lenses


On the second level of the lighthouse is a display of different lenses used in Range lights and Buoy lights. The red and blue drum style lenses were used in Gas Buoy Lights.

Plastic inserts could be placed inside a lens to indicate blue for port ( left ) or red for starboard (right).

Buoy lights were used on the water, warning mariners of dangerous rock reefs. Pt. Prim has a rock reef that extends out 4 miles and ships have to keep outside this buoy light to safely navigate into the Charlottetown Harbour.

Point Prim Lighthouse now utilizes a solar buoy light!

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Lighthouse Now Open for the 2015 Season!

Another beautiful day at the Lighthouse!

Another beautiful day at the Lighthouse!

Hello, and welcome to the 2015 season at the Point Prim Lighthouse!

Hours of operation:

Open: Saturday June 20

Closed: Sunday June 21

Open: Monday to Friday June 22 – 26

Closed: June 27 & 28

Open: 7 days a week from June 29 onwards.

Hours of operation: 10 – 6

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Point Prim Lights The Way Festival

The Scene was set. A beautiful lighthouse, the oldest on the island. This historical lighthouse guided our Father’s of Confederation into the Charlottetown Harbour for the all important Charlottetown Conference. Father’s of Confederation who were instrumental in having our lighthouse built. We celebrate the 150 years in 2014 since that first meeting in 1864! It may not have seemed a priority at the time with all the excitement of the circus being in town, but it led to Canada becoming a nation and I for one am very proud to be able to be a Canadian Citizen!

Let’s get on with it!

Introducing some characters from past years….

DSCN0646 DSCN0647

DSCN0648 DSCN0649

DSCN0653 DSCN0652

DSCN0654 DSCN0655

DSCN0656 DSCN0657

DSCN0658 DSCN0666

And the musicians…

DSCN0663 DSCN0664

DSCN0667 DSCN0659

And a big thank you to all the actors and musicians and a special gratitude to Wendy Jones for organizing this event!!!!


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Fairytale Weddings at Point Prim




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Our 2014 Gift Shop Items


Elinor Gillis’ Painting of the Ice Wall at Point Prim Lighthouse. Apparently, there was a year in history that this ice wall was almost as tall as our 60 feet lighthouse! Imagine that! Elinor Gillis is the daughter of our longest serving keeper, Angus Murchison, and has a studio in her Point Prim Home called Clipper Ship. Elinor kindly hand paints our Shells and Sea Glass pictured below.



Goldie Gillis has allowed us to display this piece of art work called Setting Sun at Point Prim Lighthouse. Goldie is a director in the Point Prim Lighthouse Society and a local author, artisan, and business owner. Goldie wrote our booklet on the history of Point Prim Lighthouse and donated shells and sea glass for our second floor display. Her husband Gilbert, is a local oyster fisherman constructed the frame of this stunning painting out of recycled lobster traps.


Holly Caldwell, a local photographer, has compiled her work into our cards, small mattes, and large mattes. Small and large mattes can be added to a picture frame of your choice. Island originals! See Mattes below..

DSCN0632 DSCN0608


Displayed here are local books compiled by Island authors who have brought alive the stories and experiences of people in the Belfast region.

DSCN0604 DSCN0605

Here are our stylish Point Prim Lighthouse hats that show the date the lighthouse was built in 1845. They are available in both navy and red and are fully adjustable.


Bumper stickers are a great addition to any car, camper, truck, or van, maybe even your guitar case. They are available in two different styles: Point Prim Lighthouse, PEI’s oldest or I climbed to the top of Point Prim Lighthouse. Our classic fridge magnets are also available in two different styles: the front view and the back view!


How better to remember your vacation than to buy a Point Prim Lighthouse T-shirt! Show everyone the lighthouse you love by getting one of each! Available in Black and White. Sizes range from small to 4 x.


Linda’s Handmade Paper Cards are a great gift for a friend who you just want to show that you care. Designed from local sea weed and dune grass collected on Point Prim beaches and pressed carefully to create a paper product. Completed with a photo of Point Prim Lighthouse or an Island Scene.


Large Postcards show all eastern lighthouses and include Point Prim, Wood Islands, Cape Bear, Panmure, Souris, and East Point.

DSCN0614 DSCN0613

We have three different postcards for you to choose from. Pictured above is our Tourist Card, designed by Julie Stretch. Featuring a beautiful photo on front and a summary of lighthouse info on back. We also carry two other postcards that are paintings which have been printed. One by longest serving keeper, Angus Murchison (above)and the other by the granddaughter of him, Cathy Krolikowski(below available in print also)


DSCN0619 DSCN0621


Do you like to collect things? We have Point Prim Lighthouse Pins and Key chains!


Classic Shipwreck Maps! Find that buried treasure!

DSCN0627 DSCN0628

Island Strawberry and Island Blueberry Jam from Lighthouse Lover’s Preserves made for Point Prim Lighthouse by Phyllis Stretch is a popular choice. Raw Island Honey is bottled by Point Prim Produce (Peter and Wendy Southward).


Pictured above are various compact discs including fiddle music by Matthew Reid (ECMA nominee), The Island Cd, and West End Museum Cd.


And we even have license plates! Proudly promote PEI’s Oldest Lighthouse where ever you travel!


Support the local Lion’s Club by getting your own jar of Prince Edward Island Soil. Fabric on lid is the PEI Tartan!

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Our Visitors of 2014


Names: Justin Gulati and Kati Ross from Charlottetown were married in Belfast, at St John’s Presbyterian Church, July 12, 2014

“We chose Point Prim Lighthouse for our photos because of its beautiful location overlooking the ocean. It was a wonderful day that we will remember forever.

The Point Prim Lighthouse staff were very courteous and interested in our day. They made us feel at home and very welcomed. We highly recommend a visit!”


Names: Paige and Heather Cipperly

From: Colorado, USA (condo in Charlottetown)

“This was the second lighthouse we toured and by far the best because it was so tall. We heard about the mysterious Phantom Ship that is set on fire with people abandoning ship. We hope to see it before we head back to the States!”



Date: August 2nd, 2014

Names: Ross and Teri Hartman

“Hot at the top, especially since we are on honeymoon!”

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Welcome to Point Prim Lighthouse 2014

Welcome to Point Prim Lighthouse 2014 Season!

Daily Guided Tours are available between 11 and 5 this year. Admission is $3.50 for Adults and $2 for children under 12. Your tour is free upon admission. Our hours of operation are from 10-6 and we are open 7 days a week during July and August. Closed Mondays and Thursdays in June and September. A visit to Point Prim is one to mark off the bucket list!

We have three guides this year! Trent, who has returned for a third year, and new this year we introduce Ryan and Daniel! All would be happy to take you to the top of the lighthouse and answer any questions you may have!


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A Special Day

Here are some photos of the third proposal we have had at the Point Prim Lighthouse this year. Romantic Derrick Thompson set the scene and there was no way his girlfriend, Samantha Hughes would be able to resist. As Samantha climbed the stairs to the second level, Bruno Mars, Marry me, began to play. She would find friends and family on each level to greet her as Derrick waited at the top. It wasn’t very long before I heard clapping and cheers coming from the top of the lighthouse and I smiled knowing Samantha had said yes. Congrats to the happy couple!!!





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Local Attraction: Hannah’s Bottle Village

I went to visit Gar Gillis, creator of Hannah’s Bottle Village. He kindly welcomed me into his home and we sat at his kitchen table to talk about his bottle village. He informed me that he was inspired by Mount Carmel, the bottle village up west. I asked Gar why he named it Hannah’s Bottle Village and he said that his Uncle Linwood had a summer cottage on PEI and his granddaughter, Hannah, spent a lot of time on the island, so he named it after her. Actually, each building in the bottle village is named after a relative. The first building built was the church. It is named after youngest grandson, Noah. The second building to rise was the Sydney’s General Store, named after granddaughter, Sydney. The third building created was the school house dubbed Cameron Allan Davies Schoolhouse after oldest grandson. The fourth building to be built was the imitation “Annalee home”. My favorite, of course, was the fifth building named after late Dad and former lighthouse keeper, Norman Gillis. Number six is JR’s Tea Room, named after late Mom, Jesse Ross, who apparently always had the Teapot on. The last thing to be built was the gate, named after step granddaughter Peyton. Come check it out, it’s on the way to Point Prim Lighthouse!! There is no admission charge, but donations are being collected for the IWK children’s hospital in Halifax.


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Local Business- K & A Dairy Bar and Take-Out

K & A Dairy Bar and Take-Out opened in the spring of 2011.

On the menu:

Ice Cream


Hot Dogs

Crab/Lobster Rolls


Soft Drinks

Other Items:

Dish Cloths



Hours of Operation:

Mon Closed

Tues, Thurs, Fri, and Sat 11-6

Wed 11-5

Sun 12-6


About the owner:

Rebecca Gerritsen has lived on the island her whole life and in Point Prim for seven years. She has been married for seven years to Scott Gerritsen and has two girls named Kallie and Ava. Her interests include the Women’s Institute, canvassing for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, meeting new people, and BINGO.

For more info, call 902-659-2647

Location: 1944 Point Prim Road

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