Local business- The Magik Dragon


The Magik Dragon has been open seasonally on the island for the past 14 years. The original location is in Murray River. Our second location on Camp Buchan Road(Point Prim) started as a warehouse for the Murray River Store and was eventually turned into a retail outlet. 2013 is our first season open 7 Days a week at the Camp Buchan location.


The owners travel during the winter months bringing back unique and interesting things for the upcoming season. Furniture, pottery, jewelry, and home decor are some of the things they carry. They also have a selection of furniture that is locally made out of recycled materials coming from the Point Prim/Belfast area.


Hours of Operation:

Point Prim Location

Open 7 days a week 12-6

After Sept 5th, Fri, Sat, Sun, and Monday till Sept.23(70 Mile Yard Sale Week-End)

Murray River Location

Mon-Sat 10-6

Sun 12-6

Open till Sept.23 (70 Mile Yard Sale Week-End)


Sue Frederick

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So what makes Point Prim Lighthouse so unique?

Point Prim Lighthouse is definitely one of a kind. Lighthouse like Point Prim will not be built again. So what makes Point Prim Lighthouse so unique?

Point Prim Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse on the PEI. This alone is amazing. The structure that stands here is 168 years old in 2013. And since Point Prim Lighthouse was the first of it’s kind on the island, there had to be much planning and consideration taken into the building of the lighthouse. About 22 people including land agent William Douce and artitect Issac Smith were involved with surveying the lighthouse. They came over across the ice on horse and sleighs to do this job and as you can guess, it was certainly a celebration. They brought wine, breads, and cheese with them and had a lunch for finally the first lighthouse was being built on PEI, after four long years of letters and petitions. The lighthouse was first lit in Dec.4, 1845.

Imagine surviving over a century and many decades and living to tell the story. Point Prim is alive with history. Stories of the keeper’s that went before and their ties to this beautiful area. Days spent farming, fishing, or Painting and stormy nights manning the light. You could say, well, every lighthouse has it’s own history and may well be right. I think last keeper Manson Murchison describes it best when he said,

“It was the way the moon shone on the water on a calm summer night…”

And here at Point Prim, our first keeper actually lived in the lighthouse while the keeper’s cottage was being built. Imagine staying in such a confined space!!!!The keeper’s cottage stood proud until March 10, 1969 when the lighthouse became automated at which point it was sold for a dollar( similar to the one room school houses in the area) and removed. It was moved approx. a mile up the dirt road, where it could be enjoyed by it’s various owners until it was demolished in mid July 2013. It was only 167 years young.

Now we have mentioned that Point Prim is the oldest, but we have not given due consideration to it’s shape and what it is made of. Another distinguishing factor making Point Prim Lighthouse so unique is the fact the it is round. No one is entirely sure why Point Prim is round, they only believe that it is round because it would be more aerodynamic. The makes Point Prim very unique as other lighthouses are generally square.

And what is Point Prim Lighthouse made of and why is this unique? Point Prim Lighthouse is constructed of brick that was made on site. It’s the only one of it’s kind here on PEI. In 1847, they covered the brick with cedar shingles as they found it was deteriorating due to the salt spray and high winds. Point Prim is one of three round brick lighthouses in Canada, the others being located in Quebec (Brandy Pot) and Vancouver(Fitguard). Point Prim Lighthouse is certainly unique as the other 63 lighthouses on PEI are wooden or concrete.

And in a time when many lighthouse are left to crumble, Point Prim Lighthouse is one of the 37 active lighthouses on PEI. It is fully automated and ready to face the future. We are lucky that we are in the final process of being owned by a committee of members of our community, Point Prim Lighthouse Society Incorporated.

Visit Point Prim today and let us show you why you’ll want to keep coming back. To support and/or become a lighthouse keeper, for just a $20 Donation, you will receive a members card which will allow you to climb as often as you like for the life of Point Prim Lighthouse.

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Point Prim Lighthouse Meet and Greet Your Neighbour

Every Year in August, we hold our Point Prim Lighthouse Meet and Greet. It’s an opportunity for neighbours in Point Prim and surrounding areas to come together at the lighthouse for food, drink, and fellowship. We have a BBQ with Sausages and hot dogs, free water, pop, lemonade, and iced tea, and free tours to the top. This year, August 18, Wendy Southward made an amazing coleslaw to go with our sausages. Peter Southward cooked our tasty meal. Most of our committee members were in attendance. The weather was certainly beautiful and many people joined us in our yearly celebration. There are some pictures and comments below to enjoy.






And who graced us with her presence? None other than Nora( Murchison) Ring. Angus Murchison, our longest serving keeper, was the first cousin of her father, Rev. John Murchison. She remembers a lot about our keeper’s and the lighthouse. She recalls coming to the lighthouse as a child and singing songs in the keeper’s cottage. She says she often saw Angus going down the road to the lighthouse in a horse and wagon with some of his children. What great memories!!!


“It’s a reunion to come back to the point each year to meet the new folks. I slipped into the first level seeking to see the bridal picture of our daughter, Melissa Gordon, on that memorable occasion of a frightening rain, wind, hail, and lightening storm. The umbrellas turned inside out and the Rev. MacPhee cut the ceremony short to secure their vows. That was ten years ago. The photo was formerly displayed for the recording of subsequent marriages in the room on the first floor…”

Martha and Bob Gordon

Pt. Prim

August 18, 2013

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Our 2013 Tour Guides…



Beth was born in the mystical jungle of Point Prim on Dec. 17, 1995. She was the favorite child of Roger and Wendy MacRae. You can find her at the CDP cheering on her horse, the future Gold Cup And Saucer Champion, Wally, on to victory, giving tours to the many visitors of Point Prim Lighthouse, or working on the farm. Her life revolves around horses and harnass racing. She is attending UPEI in the fall for Pre-vet and wants to eventually become an equine vet. If schooling doesn’t work out, she will be forking horse manure for her father for the rest of her life…



Hi. My name is Hannah Bell and I am from Belle River, PEI, which is near the Wood Islands Ferry. I am 22 years old. I enjoy going to Island Beaches, music festivals, and anything fun. I am going to school and studying law.



Hi. My name is Trent. I live in Belfast, PEI. I have lived here my whole life and I am planning to move out to BC to work in the oil sands. I enjoy driving, watching drag races, and meeting new people. This is my second year at the lighthouse and I love being a tour guide. It gives me an opportunity to talk with people from all over the world.

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Katie and Cody’s Point Prim Lighthouse Wedding


Congrats to Katie Anne and Cody Rogers, who were married at Point Prim Lighthouse on July 6, 2013. All best wishes to you and hope you are blessed in your new life together!!!

Here comes the bride…

Katie McGarry Sings a sweet song…

Two becoming one…

Love is patient

Love is kind

Love never fails

I give myself to you…

With this ring, I thee wed…

I now pronounce you husband and wife….

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Point Prim Lighthouse 2013 Visitors

He proposed at the top of the lighthouse and she said “yes”. Congrats to Jennifer and John Kelly!!!

” Celebrating Canada Day by exploring Heritage Sites and coming to where it all began…”

Brenda and Amy

Kingston, ON and Vancouver, BC

“Here we are at Point Prim…

One of us is rather dim…

The others are not too trim…

But one is somewhat slim and dim…

And the little one came along with him…”

From England, Texas, and Colorado

Tom and Di, John and Judy,and Tibor and Carol

“It’s a beautiful place; stunning! We love the red rocks, the ocean, the lighthouse…actually everything!!!”

From Austria- the heart of Europe

Gloria and Alex

“My impressions of this glorious destination are numerous!! The view is similar in a way to a familiar Washington view on Whidby Island. We plan to enjoy our stay and return!!!

Jan Levine,

Sammish, Washington

“Had a great climb and sight..”

Tom and Jean

Moorefield, WV

“My name is Rachel. My friends and I are visiting PEI because we are huge fans of Anne of Green Gables. We also love to see lighthouses and check out the history behind them as well as the beauty. It is rare to find one as interesting and well preserved as Point Prim. We saw the lens and the first lightkeeper’s room and climb all the way to the top. It was beautiful and memorable.”

Milford, MA, USA

“I have been biking the last 5 weeks. I have come to the island on my cycle trip from Toronto to New York City. It’s a really scenic place and was worth the detour on my way to the Wood Island’s ferry.

Danhescloen & Aagwiedersehen

Robert, Germany

We enjoyed a wonderful experience at the oldest lighthouse in PEI-Point Prim. Staff were friendly, professional, and willing to educate us on the history of the lighthouse.”

Sara and Sean

Barrie, Ont


“This was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life!!! Thank you!!!”

Victor Gorodinsley,

Madison, WI USA

“For a view of the island, this is one of the best. You can see from west to east. I just wish I would have been here on a sunny day.”

Piers Fearick, England

“Beautiful and unique lighthouse with a breath taking view. Came all the way from Pensacola, Fl. and brought our “flat family” to enjoy the trip…”

The Florida Borgs

“Your tour was great!! Very informative and made us appreciate how important lighthouses are! Thank you!”

Ruth and Sara,

Oakville, Ont.

“Original Setting of an old, brick lighthouse- a must see if on PEI…”

Larry Lardie, California

“Nous sommes de Quebec, Montreal. C’est une belle visite, en famille. Merci!”

“We enjoyed our visit to the Point Prim Lighthouse very much. Our tour guide, Beth, was well informed and enriched our visit with lots of historic facts. I’m scared of heights, but managed the steps quite easily. After many visits to the island, this is our first trip to Point Prim. This part of the island is so beautiful. Thank you, Point Prim Lighthouse Staff, for a memorable visit…”

Bonnie and Brian Ferguson,

Halifax, N.S.

“It is such an amazing experience climbing up the steps….it’s just like climbing back in time. It’s incredible to think that someone lived here for a time! Tom thought it was great to see how the light works! What an awesome experience!!”

The Clarry’s, Toronto


We made it all the way from Switzerland to come to this amazing island. We are big fans of lighthouses and it was a great experience to see and even climb Point Prim Lighthouse. We don’t have any lighthouses where we are from.”

the Krebs Family, Murten, Switzerland



“This gentleman loved the lighthouse so much, it left a permanent mark on him.”



“Congrats to Jenny and Allister!!! In the early hours of the evening, these lovebirds climbed the lighthouse and Allister got down on one knee at the top!!! Jenny is the granddaughter of Elinor Gillis, who is the daughter of longest serving keeper, Angus Murchison!!! Of course, Jenny said “yes” to her charming beau.”



“My husband and I were here for our 30th anniversary. We had a lovely visit to the lighthouse. Thanks to the staff who were very helpful and informative. Lovely weather. Beautiful view.

Chris and Ward Sanford, Northern Virginia

“Remember, Horses Sweat, Men Perspire, and Women Glow…”


“My husband and two young girls visited the Point Prim Lighthouse Sunday afternoon. We just moved to PEI and were having an afternoon of beach and shores. The lighthouse was a great stop. The ladies were very nice, talkative, and informative. The tour is interesting and worth taking.”

Becky, James, Rowyn, and Emrys

New Islanders


“I came with my husband and his host mother. It was a wonderful experience. We took pictures of all the ancient things we saw. The service was very warm and the tour was very informative. The sight from the top of Point Prim Lighthouse was great.”

Avalloy and Kayon

Kingston, Jamaica

Kathy Roney,



Mr. Eagle visited the lighthouse and kept good watch of our area. He sat in this tree for a couple hours, exciting visitors just wishing to get a picture of him in flight. We tried as well, but turned our backs for a second and he disappeared.


“What an enjoyable visit to PEI’s oldest lighthouse! It was a great way to end our wonderful week on this beautiful island! I was particularly surprised, upon asking when the lighthouse became automated, that it became automated March 10, 1969, the exact date and year of my birth. From now on, on my birthday, I will think of Point Prim Lighthouse!”

Sandy Bobrow

Aurora, Ontario


***************NO PHOTO AVAILABLE**********************

“From the top of the lighthouse to Catherine Treasures on the shore, our visit to Point Prim has been the highlight of our time spent on the entire island. For many of us, this may be the only visit to a historic round lighthouse. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.”

Saskatoon Scotiabank Selects

u18 Fast Pitch Team



“We visit and take pictures of lighthouses. The lighthouse at Point Prim was beautiful and we were able to climb five levels right to the top. Each level has a story of it’s own. When in PEI, this is a must stop to view. I am terrified of heights and went right to the top so if I can, anyone can. It’s wonderful knowing I was at the top of the olest lighthouse on PEI. It’s amazing to walk through the past. The past really is before us. Take time and imagine the world we stand in. The automation once was man powered. It’s fascinating to know the passion and time committed. Beautiful!!”

Darrell, Barb, and Kayla Cornthwaite

Sudbury, Ontario


“Great stop on a fantastic trip to PEI. Interesting lives of the keeper’s. Views from the top are amazing. Staff continue the trend of extremely nice and helpful people we have met.”

Shona and David Forsyth

Glasgow, Scotland


“We had a wonderful time with our tour at Point Prim Lighthouse. We were all challenged by the climb, and felt very happy when we arrived back on earth. The staff were good to us and we want to visit again next year.

Here are some words to describe the lighthouse:



Knee Shaking

Nauseating at the top



Thanks so much!!! “

Cynthia Bradly

58 Children with

Kid’s Connection



“Lorraine Murchison, daughter of last keeper Manson, helped her father taking tours up on the light and passing along the famous history. Her father, Manson, often refered to her as his second keeper. She also cared for the light if her father needed to take some time off and couldn’t be there at sunset to light the light. The history is proudlt passed along to his great grand children as they become familiar with Poppy’s lighthouse…”



This marvelous lady is a 93 year old ww2 vet who quilts in her spare time. When she visited the lighthouse, she told us about a quilt she made in 1997 or so that had Point Prim Lighthouse on it. She has quilted many lighthouses, but likes Point Prim Lighthouse because it’s round and brick and one of the few still standing as many have been torn down over the years.

Helen Cobham,

Saint John, N.B.


Koba(dog) raced up the first set of lighthouse stairs with owner close behind becoming the first dog to actually climb to the second level( most dogs that go are carried).

“Great view from the top; glad we came…”

Alex Del Duca,

Toronto, Ontario.

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We are open for the 2013 season…come one….come all!!!

We are open for our 2013 season and we can’t wait to see all of our 2013 Visitors. We are open every day in July and August from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM. Climb PEI’s oldest lighthouse for only $3.50 for Adults and $2.00 for Chidren 12 and under. Ask for the Guided Tour…it is free with admission.

We welcome Hannah Bell as our new guide this year. Beth MacRae and Trent Gillis have returned from the 2012 season. Our goal this year is to work hard to offer relevant and factual information in a professional, enthusiastic, interesting, and fun way.

Point Prim Lighthouse…we are hoping to meet you!!!

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Thank You Atlantic Cruise Ship Services for your continued support

A big Thank you to Atlantic Cruise Ship Services for bringing visitors from near and far to experience Point Prim Lighthouse. We love to share our lighthouse with all who come and thrive on seeing many people of various cultures with at least one thing in common- their love of lighthouses. Thank you to all who came and saw and bought the T-shirt!!

Also, kudos to the tour bus guides!!! You are all so knowledgeable and kind!!!

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Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth.

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Staff Party

Our Staff party this year was at Pinette Park. Each tour guide(Beth, Max, and Trent) brought a friend. We arrived and set up the bbq, a loan from Peter. After all was in place, we snacked on chips as we waited for the Hamburgers, Mild Italian Sausage, and hot dogs to cook. There was also Potato salad, Pasta Salad, and Lemon Caprese Salad. We reminisced about the summer. The people we met. The jokes we shared. How we always ate lunch at the K and A takeout down the road. PS Thanks to Rebecca for the loan of the cooler. After the bbq, we moved from the Park to the beach. We started a lovely bonfire and watched the sun go down. When it was completely dark and only the light off the full moon could be seen, My friend, Michael spun fire for our guides and a few committee members who had arrived at that point. Everyone was there to see the fireworks, set up and ignited by Adam, technician from Whim Road. Car lined the road watching Michael’s act and wondering what would happen next. As soon as everyone was ready, we gave Adam the signal to begin. Many colors spewed into the night sky as we watched in sheer amazement. And then, all of a sudden, it was time to say good bye. Goodbye to Our Awesome guides, who must now venture off to their destined paths. Beth and Trent are starting grade 12 at Montague High as Max heads to Holland College to study photography. Good luck, guys!!! And as we said goodbye, we remembered we will always have our valuable memories to cherish.

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Meet and Greet 2012

Food and fellowship

A beautiful day for an event

Cleaning the lighthouse and getting ready to Greet the Neighbors

Waiting for our Guests to arrive

Children enjoying Sandbox

Sausage on a bun, anyone?

Pop and Juice for all

Our lovely Point Prim Lighthouse

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2012 Gift Shop Items…

“Finding a treasure of your own is one step away when you have a Shipwreck Map!”

“Painted Sea Glass by Elinor Gillis.”

“Take home a piece of the island with a real lobster trap.”

“A collection of Photos by Meg explore the interior and exterior of Point Prim Lighthouse. Includes photos of keeper’s bed, the 4th order Fresnel, the brick walls, etc.”

“Our NEW Point Prim Lighthouse T-shirts are sized in small, medium, large, and extra large. Designed by local artist, Eleanor Gillis, this white t-shirt and red logo displays our lighthouse colors. Also available in a black t-shirt with white logo…”

“Our Island photos taken by aspiring photographer and experienced tour guide Max Krolikowski, the great grandson of Angus Murchison and son of Cathy Krolikowski.

Can’t get that perfect picture? We have all the photos you need to create the best summer memories..Available in framed photos or greeting cards…”

” Authentic Red Soil from PEI covered in a Island Tartan. 50% of Proceeds support our Belfast Lions Club.”

“Our Sand, Shell, and Sea Glass Creations. A Perfect Souvenir for children and adults alike. Each jar includes two pieces of sea glass, shells, sand, and a treasure map.”

” Point Prim Lighthouse Pins. Collect yours today!”

” Our Point Prim Lighthouse Limited Edition Keychain.”

“Hand painted Island Scenes by local Artist Elinor Gillis. Take home your unique seashell today.”

” Our Classic Fridge Magnet. Enjoy memories of Point Prim in your kitchen all year long.”

” Our Selection of Small Postcards. Top left: an interpretation of Angus Murchison’s Painting. Top right: Tourist Postcard. Bottom: Cathy Krolikowski’s Painting.

” Our Eastern Lighthouses Large Postcards. Vivid Photos on front and reverse side has a summary of the history of each lighthouse. Six Lighthouses including Point Prim, Cape Bear, Souris, Wood Islands, East Point, and Panmure.’

Our Point Prim Lighthouse Prints…a must for art enthusiasts!!! Original Painting by Cathy Krolikowski, operator of Kro in the Sky Studio. Also, Cathy is the grand daughter of Angus Murchison, our longest serving keeper!!

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For the Dogs…





We see so many four legged friends in a season that I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a section to the dogs that visit Point Prim!!!!!

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Our 2012 Visitors

“As a visitor to Stratford for Stratford Sister Cities Reunion, our hosts have driven us to visit the Point Prim Lighthouse. What a great view; and although a bit windy, the ocean looks great with its white caps. We have very few lighthouses in Australia, so it was lovely to be given the opportunity to visit this one on Prince Edward Island.”

Jean Downs, Australia

” Just before leaving PEI, we came to the beautiful, amazing Point Prim Lighthouse. The lighthouse was great and the explanations were good. Very interesting to see how the lighthouse keeper lived and did his work…”

From Germany/ Black forest Region

Doris and Ralph and Marion and Hubert

“Lighthouse” White Wine by Smith and Wilson Estate Wines, Blenheim, Ontario

“All wines made by Smith and Wilson use their own grapes. George and Mary Jane Smith select names or their wines that have local significance. “Lighthouse” Wine highlights the lighthouse at a neighboring fishing community Erieau(on Lake Erie in Southwestern Ontario). I am pleased to say I work there and this wine is visiting lighthouses in PEI.”

Jean Nichols, Ontario

“A great opportunity to learn more about the mechanism of the lighthouse and the life of the lighthouse keeper. It is very interesting for us, coming from a country without an ocean- Switzerland. Max gave a very good guided tour. As the great grandson of Angus Murchison, the longest serving keeper, he knows a lot and can explain it very well. Thanks a lot!”

Paul and Marianne, Switzerland


*******************NO PICTURE AVAILABLE*********************

“We have no lighthouses in Vermont, but we are on a lighthouse tour today. It was great to start with PEI’s Oldest Lighthouse first. Please preserve it for many more years. We learned that the lighthouse is re-shingled every 50 years. We also learned that this is the only round brick lighthouse in PEI and one of three in Canada!!!.”

The Hannas, Vermont

“Elena loved the sound of the foghorn as it sounded like a big duck. Patnicia liked the brick structure of the lighthouse and was amazed by knowing that the lighthousekeeper lived inside. Phato loved visiting a lighthouse for the first time and would love to see a storm from the top of it.”

Elena, Patnicia, and Phato, Italy

“Visiting PEI for the first time and lovin’ it!!! Will return!!! Made a last moment decision to turn onto the road leading to Point Prim Lighthouse. So glad I did!!! Great site, excellent climb, and when they ask “Would you like the tour?” Say Yes!!!”

Kathy, Marietta, Georgia, USA

“We really appreciated being able to climb to the top of the oldest lighthouse on the island. Great way to see a historical part of a beautiful island.”

Taylor and Landen Hescock, North Carolina, USA

“Dieser Ortist herrlich. Des leuchtturm steht an eines wundes schonen Stelle. Eshat wundesbare Blumen und die erde ist rot…”

“It’s a very nice place where the lighthouse is. The flowers are beautiful and you have to see the red sand…”

Denise, Rolf, Dominic, and Fabian, Switzerland


“The light bulb was neat…”

James age 8 and Matthew age 5

“Great view from the top even on a dull day.”

The Beech Family, Birmingham, England


“First time in an authentic lighthouse- wonderful views with quite the climb to the top.”

Brad and Wendy, Ottawa, Ontario

“Great tour!!! Very tall but well worth the visit!!”

Yorkshire, England

“Great tour with a great view!! Worth the drive to see an interesting historic site.”

The McGee Family, Peterborough, Ontario

“We loved this historic and quaint lighthouse. Really well kept and very informative. It’s the first time we’ve been inside a real lighthouse. Loved the shape of this round lighthouse.”

Monique and Jeremy, New Zealand

“Great view of the ocean. First time in a lighthouse.”

Jonathan Murphy and Hayley Selleck, Ottawa, Ontario

“I am in awe of being able to tour a lighthouse and at my age of 63, it is wonderful to see a working lighthouse. I am very thankful that the community is taking over the Point Prim lighthouse and making it available for people to visit. Thanks again!!!”

Joe and Jeannine Maranehuk, Nanaimo, B.C

“While today wasn’t my first trip out to Point Prim, it was my first time climbing the ladders to get to the top. The view was breathtakingly beautiful and well worth the frightening climb! I’m sure this will be the first of many more visits to the top of the lighthouse!!

Emily Leighton, Rhode Island, USA

” This was my first time on the island, and climbing the lighthouse on Point Prim was the perfect way to get a nice view of the beautiful landscapes and ocean. The tour was interesting, too!”

George Camparone, Rhode Island, USA

“Once we finally made it to the top, the view was fantastic!!! We wish we had more time. The Staff were wonderful and so informative. Thank you!!”

Bill, Fiona, and Tess Casher, Doha, Qatar, Middle East

” Our first visit to PEI. We found the lighthouse very interesting.”

Owe, Susan, Kaja, Kari, Niederwuaerschritz, Germany

“Beautiful Lighthouse and a great tour! We are from the island and have never been to Point Prim, so we had to come and see PEI’s oldest lighthouse. I was a tour guide at West Point Lighthouse so I was very interested in the tour. Beth, our tour guide, did a wonderful job!”

Charmaine and Bobby Mulligan, Charlottetown, PEI

” We are on vacation. PEI is very beautiful and unique. We loved our visit to Point Prim Lighthouse. We have enjoyed seeing the ocean views and the rocky red cliffs. I was surprised at the predominance of agriculture on the island. The wheat and potato fields are beautiful. Also, we have seen the home of LM Montgomery and loved the musical, “Anne of Green Gables.” Today we are traveling the east coast to see the lighthouses. Everyone has been very friendly. Tomorrow, we begin our 24 hour drive home.”

Joseph and Brenda VanValkenburg,Mt Vernon, Ohio, USA

“The view was fantastic! Great history!”

Mack Vye and Andrea Stewart

” Beautiful Lighthouse and great view!”

“We came to PEI to eat lobster. We are heading to NFLD. What a beautiful spot. And such friendly people here on the East Coast.”

Nicole and Jeff O’Keefe, Fort Smith, NWT

*******NO PICTURE AVAILABLE*************

“I’m visiting From Quincy, Massachusetts to do some genealogy, bird watching, and relaxing. PEI is the friendliest place I’ve been. I was told not to miss the Point Prim Lighthouse and boy, that was good advice. It was a beautiful and interesting experience and the staff were so knowledgeable and so typical of everyone here…..FRIENDLY!”

Jack Riley

“My wife and I visit lighthouses as a hobby. Most have been in the U.S. on the great lakes. Our visit to PEI has given us many lighthouses to see. Point Prim is one of the best we have seen; a great presentation of the historical information and we were able to have a guided tour of the “house” from bottom to top. An added interest is the Fresnel Lens on display!”

“It is always a pleasure to visit the lovely Point Prim Lighthouse. I have not been here since the new light was installed. I know modern optics serve the purpose, but I have a love the old 4th order Fresnel lens. I am here today to deliver new brochures.”

Carol Livingstone, President of PEI Lighthouse Society

“A great stop!!! Picture Perfect!!!! Lots of info from guide!!! Rich with history!!!”

“Well worth the drive. We traveled from Michigan and we are so glad we stopped at Point Prim Lighthouse. The history is fascinating and Trent, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable.”

“I grew up on PEI, but this is my first time climbing Point Prim Lighthouse. It provided an amazing view over the Northumberland Strait. It’s worthwhile to go on the guided tour. I received lots of interesting details from the great grandson of a lighthouse keeper.”

Margaret Nearing and Frank Geofuade, Toronto, Ontario

“Small Family from Montreal visiting PEI for the first time. We must say it’s beautiful here and we are happy to visit this part of the country. It is our first time climbing a lighthouse. The view was breathtaking and it is a very interesting piece of our history. We loved our visit!”

Martin, Roxanne, and Luca, Montreal, Quebec

“From Ontario, we are a family of four, and not one of us have been inside a lighthouse before. Great history and great view. We learned lots about the glass lenses and the dedicated person to operate the lighthouse.”

Cribbins family, Campbellford, Ontario

“It is a fascinating piece of history and interesting to learn about the different lenses and how a lighthouse operated. Our enjoyment of this beautiful view was quickly replaced by respect and awe for the lighthouse keepers, especially Angus Murchison, who dedicated 35 years to this important duty. Thank you for a wonderful guided tour and your hospitality!!

Heather and Claire, Kingston, Ontario


“Very interesting to learn that Point Prim Lighthouse was the first lighthouse built on Prince Edward Island!! Enjoyed the visit!!”

Erna Duchemin, Sackville, NB

” This is our first time in PEI and a visit to the Point Prim Lighthouse is a must. Very beautiful and majestic. The history and tour of the lighthouse is awesome. We loved climbing to the top and we will come back.”

Steve and Caroline, Mascouche, Quebec

Any lighthouse, because of its location, offers a spectacular view of that place where the land meets the sea. Point Prim is one of the few lighthouses on PEI that also welcomes visitors inside. Simply climbing to the top would have been rewarding enough. But our tour guide added stories, history, and factual information, and made the experience that much more memorable. And, as expected, the view was unforgettable.

Charles and Maria Gulotta
Cornwall, Prince Edward Island

” I learned that the first lighthouse keeper lived in the lighthouse and also about The Phantom Ship…”

n.s. Age 9

“Beautiful Lighthouse with exceptional view. We enjoyed the tour and learning all about it. This was the first lighthouse we saw a foghorn. A real walk into history.”

Priyanka, Ottawa

“Informative tour! The only round brick lighthouse in PEI and designed by Issac Smith who also designed Province House in Charlottetown. Lightkeeper had to draw the weights to rotate the light every four hours. John Ings even slept in Lighthouse! It was wild, insane, craziest tour I’ve ever been on. I laughed, I cried, I came, I saw, awesome, Lights on for Life!”


“The Daly Family has been visiting PEI for the last ten days and thoroughly enjoyed both the challenge of the climb and the information offered along the way. Even 5 year old Grace had fun!!!”



“We visited from Waterloo, Ontario today. It was a beautiful and well preserved lighthouse and a great piece of our history.”

Nina and Jan

“Beautiful Lighthouse! And a very interesting tour.”

-Casey, Stacy, and Greta Norman from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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I just realized I failed to mention that we have two new guides this year. Max Krolikowski had returned from our 2011 season. Our two new students are Trent Gillis and Beth MacRae. All of our staff have been working hard this year! We look forward to continuing to welcome our 2012 Visitors!!!

Admission Fees:

$3 Adults

$1.50 Children under 12

Our Tour guides will give you a glimpse of an earlier time. Climb our steps and reward yourself with our amazing view while taking in some of the history of the Point Prim Lighthouse.

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